What We Look For In A Charged NFT Project Submission.

Charged Ventures is looking for entrepreneurs that are willing to distribute equity in their NFT projects in exchange for coverage of capital requirements and development from our team and industry connections.


The NFT market has already exploded. Gone are the days where good art or an interesting idea is enough to make your project successful. In today’s climate, your project must have unique utility or additional benefits that holders of your NFTs can enjoy. 

Meaningful IP

What is meaningful intellectual property? If you have an excellent idea for an NFT that has unique and distinctive utility, you might have a “meaningful IP.” We are looking for outstanding ideas that will shake up the NFT market.


Can your idea scale if massively successful? Have you prepared a roadmap with subsequent drops of new NFTs or have metaverse intentions? These are the features of a creatively scalable project.

Ready to Submit your NFT Collection?